ACTION Certified Personal Trainers

ACTION Certified Personal Trainers have the skills necessary to train, educate, and motivate fitness clients and deliver safe and effective personal training. Certification as an ACTION-CPT demonstrates an understanding of the foundational knowledge necessary for personal trainers working in individual and group settings.

Our program will prepare you to earn the NCCA accredited ACTION-CPT certification or earn the online Certificate in Personal Training.

Hands On Learning

Learn by doing with our online video classes and real-world simulations. Learn on the go with our Mobile App. Plus you get a digital textbook and a physical textbook shipped to you.

Choose the Credential that Works for You

Certificate in Personal Training

  • Online exam.
  • Included with course.
  • Offers a convenient way to study for the accredited ACTION-CPT certification exam.

NCCA Accredited ACTION-CPT Certification

  • Online proctored exam.
  • Earning certification enables you to use the title ACTION-Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Download the Exam Candidate Handbook here.

The ACTION-CPT certification exam is administered through the ACTION Governing Board, an independent body from ACTION LLC, entirely responsible for the administration and maintenance of the ACTION-CPT.

Candidates can optionally include educational services to prepare for the certification exam by selecting from one of these bundled plans starting at $99 or $9.95 per month.

Candidates can take the exam without purchasing educational services. The registration fee is $99 and online proctor fees apply.

Disclaimer: The use of ACTION Certification educational services is not required to earn certification and does not guarantee passing the ACTION-CPT exam. ACTION Certification offers other certifications that are not NCCA Accredited.

Getting Certified

The ACTION Learning System makes learning convenient and easy with our mobile app. The course is broken down into small slices allowing you to focus on one topic at a time. Instructor led classes, real-world simulations, and lots of practice exam questions make sure you are ready to pass the exam of your choice.

Launching your Career

The ACTION Personal Training System streamlines every aspect of a working personal trainer’s day. Our technology gives a better experience for your clients and makes your job easier.

Industry Leading Insurance

Insurance companies recognize the value of our education standards and ACTION Personal Training System. Thats why we have negotiated industry leading rates for our personal trainers.

You can get $1 million of coverage from an A Rated company for only $162/year!

It will cover you everywhere you train… at home, the gym, online, outdoors.

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